Idem et idem – a Latine phrase, which word by word means “same and the same”, i.e. “all the same”, and word identity derives from it.

Throughout the centuries many different ideologies have arose, that influenced significantly human consciousness. The true and genuine substance of the religion has been covered and overlapped by the systematic and dogmatic ideologies created by certain individuals. And the people united by these ideologies could not make any reflection.

Time goes by, and the world is getting “smaller”. Globalization finds its reflection on our everyday life. Scientific and technological progress made a significant breakthrough among the countries’ boundaries and created a tremendous opportunities for settling active communications among different cultures. At the same time, XXI century’s human being has embraced the pragmatism. Rationalism has swallowed the spirituality and inhibited the sentiments. Doubts, questions and quests raised in our mind have become a basis for destroying strong megalithic constructions.

If we do not step against the crowd, we will loose our face and look like a flock of a sheep – lost in the infinity and acting mechanically, without a shepherd. What it would be, if we could stand aside and have a look on ourselves, could we found ourselves?