The STYX is a multimedia project that combines large-scale oil and acrylic paintings, ink drawings, video-sculpture and installation of Levan Songulashvili who, in recent years, has joined the grand list of artists choosing to reflect meditative consciousness.

The name of the project is connected to the mythological river and stands as a symbol of radical change and a movement from the visible world to the invisible realm. Consequently, the exposition is a kind of journey between the consciousness and unconscious of the artist himself.

The exhibition curator is one of the most influential British critics of the art-world, Mark Gisbourne, who came to Georgia for the project presentation.

The STYX project is organized by ERTI Gallery, supported by TBC Status and Rooms Hotels.


The STYX opening

Levan Songulashvili, The Styx opening

Levan Songulashvili & Giya Kancheli at The STYX, 2018 © Tamar Kalandadze

Legendary composer Giya Kancheli was among The STYX visitors. Inspired by one of Songulashvili’s painting series “Idem et Idem”, the composer entitled his recent musical piece for women’s choir and chamber orchestra with the same name.

Levan Songulashvili & Giya Kancheli. Background: Idem et Idem, 2018, © Tamar Kalandadze


UK-based celebrated singer, songwriter and musician, Katie Melua, also attended the exhibition with her manager, Sumit Bothra.
Melua shared her impressions and photos from the show on her official social media:

levan.artist thank you for such generosity with your time and giving me and sumobobo a truly magical experience of your work.”

Katie Melua & Levan Songulashvili. Background: Idem et Idem, 2018. © Tamar Kalandadze

Levan Songulashvili, Katie Melua, Sumit Bothra. © Tamar Kalandadze

Levan Songulashvili, Katie Melua, Sumit Bothra. Background: The STYX Jellyfish video installation. © Tamar Kalandadze

Levan Songulashvili with his new book “The STYX”. © Tamar Kalandadze

Katie Melua holding Levan Songulashvili’s book “The STYX”. Background: The STYX Jellyfish video installation. © Tamar Kalandadze

Katie Melua at The STYX Jellyfish video installation by Levan Songulashvili. © Tamar Kalandadze